Silhouettes for Piano, Volume 1

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(An Artistic Intermediate Collection for Solo Piano) Der amerikanische Komponist versteht es,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Silhouettes for Piano, Volume 1"

(An Artistic Intermediate Collection for Solo Piano)

Der amerikanische Komponist versteht es, mit einfachen Mitteln eine große Wirkung zu erzeugen, die Kinder und Jugendliche total begeistert. Eingängige Melodik mit häufigem Klangpedal und gut angelegter Geläufigkeit sind bei Schülerkonzerten äußerst eindrucksvoll.


Notes from the Publisher
Composers in Focus is a series of original piano collections celebrating the creative artistry of contemporary composers. It is through the work of these composers that the piano teaching repertoire is enlarged and enhanced.
It is my hope that students, teachers, and all others who experience this music will be enriched and inspired.
      Frank J. Hackinson, Publisher

This suite of four contrasting pieces represents styles from both the 19th and 20th centuries. Perfect for the serious performer, these compositions are excellent material for formal recitals, auditions, and festivals.

Notes from the Composer
Sergei Prokofiev, (1891-1953) mentions in his autobiography five factors that have dominated successful music throughout the 19th and 20th centuries: lyricism, innovation, classicism, toccata-like works that emphasize a rhythmic vitality, and music that is humorous or jocose in nature. Silhouettes for Piano includes many of these proven elements of music mentioned by Prokofiev.

I hope that you will enjoy these pieces, and that the music can serve as an introduction to the lyrical aspects of the piano and the harmonic path of the musical language of the 20th Century. Students will have an opportunity to experience a variety of compositional techniques while enjoying the full sonority offered by the piano. Teachers may wish to discuss the contrasting styles of each piece and use them as a starting point to explore the legacy of music we have all inherited as pianists.
      With best wishes Timothy Brown

Verlag: The FJH Music Company Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56939-211-0 , W1279, FJH1279
ISBN-13: 978-1-56939-211-9
UPC 674398206384

Schwierigkeit Solo: Mittelstufe 1 (M1), Mittelstufe 2 (M2), Mittelstufe 3 (M3)
Seiten: 18
Produktgruppen: Piano aus Amerika
Komponist: Brown Timothy
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