The Lake

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The Lake A Sonata for Piano for 4 Hands Komponist: Jiřί Horáček Musikalisches Poem über... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Lake"

The Lake
A Sonata for Piano for 4 Hands

Komponist: Jiřί Horáček

Musikalisches Poem über die Verwandlung eines Sees mit den Tageszeiten. Zeitgenössische Gestaltung mit unterschiedlichen Kompositionstechniken.

Vorwort (in Englisch):

The four movements of the composition called THE LAKE are actually four musical poems or musical pictures, which I was inspired to write by the transformations of a lake's surface and the nature around it at various times of the day. Every movement has a different mood and I chose different compositional techniques for each of them.

The NIGHT in the first movement shrouds the lake in darkness. Nature sleeps and everything appears mysterious and enigmatic. In order to depict this secretive night-time atmosphere, I used the aleatoric composition method, whose indefiniteness and ambiguity provides space for the imaginations of the performers and listeners in the same way that the dark night sparks the human imagination.

The MORNING announces its arrival with a trembling shimmering theme full of joyful expectation just before the sun rises. Immediately afterwards, birdsong rises from the crowns of the trees to welcome the new day. The means of expression belonging to neoclassicism best corresponds to the limpid morning atmosphere.

NOON pulses with the pressing and stirring rhythms of jazz rock music. The passionate dance creation evokes the heat of a summer's day.

The last movement - EVENING - brings calm. Fragments of the melodies from the previous movements resound in the silence, äs if they were returned memories of the day that has passed. Nature is preparing itself for sleep and silence and soft darkness once again descend upon the lake's surface.

Jiřί Horáček
Translated by Andrew Letham


I    The Lake
II   Morning
III  Noon
IV  Evening

Verlag: Amos Editio
ISMN-13: 979-0-66057-056-2, AM 0058

Schwierigkeit: Primo und Secondo M2
35 Seiten

Seiten: 36
Produktgruppen: Piano Duets
Schwierigkeit Primo: Mittelstufe 2 (M2)
Schwierigkeit Secondo: Mittelstufe 2 (M2)
Komponist: Horáček Jiřί
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