Succeeding at the Piano, Recital Book, Preparatory (With CD)

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Succeeding at the Piano, Recital Book, Preparatory (With CD) Autorin: Helen Marlais... mehr
Produktinformationen "Succeeding at the Piano, Recital Book, Preparatory (With CD)"

Succeeding at the Piano, Recital Book, Preparatory (With CD)

Autorin: Helen Marlais
Composers: Timothy Brown, Kevin Costley, Mary Leaf, Helen Marlais, Edwin McLean, Kevin Olson

The Recital Book is a terrific way for students to learn wonderful repertoire while reinforcing the valuable concepts presented in the Lesson and Technique Book. The pieces are engaging and exciting to play, and are presented with artistic illustrations and fanciful lyrics to stimulate students' imagination and creativity. Students will achieve the greatest success when the Lesson and Technique Book is used with the Recital Book and Theory and Activity Book for a fun, well-rounded approach to learning music!

The CD for the Recital Book allows students to hear piano music played well with correct phrasing, dynamics, and inflection. When student's ears are engaged, they will make rapid progress technically as well as musically. Students also have the opportunity to play many of the pieces with a string quartet accompaniment (two violins, viola, and cello), recorded live!

Table of Contents

Happy Days
Little Cottontails
Popping Popcorn;  Water Lilies; The Ice Cream Truck; Evening Beils
Ghosts and Goblins; Eating Ice Cream!
Out in Space; Chugging Trains At the Seashore
Flashing Fireflies; A Fish Tale
In My Dreams I Sing; Puppet Dance; Big Clocks in the House
Two-Note March; Poor Bog Named "Bright"; Kangaroos and Racecars
Don't Be Late!; It's That Parrot Again; Brave Sioux Warrior; Stray Dog; Dancing Through the Town; Yankee Doodle; Rainbows
Morning; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Starfish; Hands Together, If You Please!; A Happy Melody; The Castle; My Piano Theme Song
Mozart and His Sister; Evening Mist; Marching Turtles; Folk Song; Let's Play a Recital!; Certificate of Achievement

Verlag: The FJH Music Company Inc.
ISBN-10: 1-56939-681-7, FJH2052
ISBN-13: 978-1-56939-681-0

Schwierigkeit: V-U1         48 Seiten (mit CD)

Schwierigkeit Solo: Vorstufe, Unterstufe 1 (U1)
Seiten: 48
Extras: + CD
Produktgruppen: Piano aus Amerika
Komponist: Marlais Helen
Illustration: Hellard Susan
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