Let´s play together

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Let's play together Pieces for the ensemble of violonists and piano Komponistin: Zhanna... mehr
Produktinformationen "Let´s play together"

Let's play together
Pieces for the ensemble of violonists and piano

Komponistin: Zhanna Metallidi

Für drei Violinen und Klavier. Nichts geht über den Reiz des Ensemblespiels. So auch in dieser Serie von kurzen modernen Stücken, die auch von Kindern schon gut bewältigt werden können. Metallidi widmet sich dieser Aufgabe in großartiger Weise.

Vorwort der Autorin zu dem Band auf Englisch:

There exists such a unique and unexplicable pleasure for musicians. This very pleasure is called - the ensemble music-making. So much music was played in duets, trio, quartets etc. Imagine, it occurred to be the music, which sometimes was not desired to be performed alone! This phenomenon is close now to some free communication, now to some fine harmonious work, now to the kind of competition.

Let's remember the royal persons and the representatives of nobility - the ones, allowed to choose entertainments for themselves. So many compositions for ensemble were ordered or accepted by them as the presents. It was so great to perform such presents together with the other musicians. Remember the flute of Friedrich the Great or the string baritone of the Prince Esterházy.

The ensemble playing is not just practice, it's also a good incentive, especially if the piece is not hackneyed, being altogether not very difficult and melodious with the hint of harum-scarum air. Therefore we'd like to offer such a collection. This time the pleasure is addressed to the young violinists, willing to play in ensemble with piano. This is altogether the manual for the pupils of music schools and the entertainment for the idleness of those, who play violin.


About the small sheep and small man
Oh, I'm trying so much
The Jackdaw is jumping along the pine tree grove
The moon's sleeping
Monkeys are missing africa
Pinguin's dance
Crow's carnival

Verlag: Compozitor Publishing House
ISBN-13: 979-0-66003-248-0, Band 3248
EAN: 9790660032480

Schwierigkeit: U3-M1             36 Seiten

Schwierigkeit Solo: Unterstufe 3 (U3), Mittelstufe 1 (M1)
Seiten: 36
Produktgruppen: Ensemble
Komponist: Metallidi Zhanna
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