An Introductory Album

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An Introductory Album Easier Piano Pieces · No.39 Komponist: Frédéric Chopin Es gehört zu den... mehr
Produktinformationen "An Introductory Album"

An Introductory Album
Easier Piano Pieces · No.39

Komponist: Frédéric Chopin

Es gehört zu den besonderen, unvergesslichen Momenten im Leben eines Klavierspielers, das erste Stück von Chopin zu spielen. Da tut sich eine nie erahnte Welt von Empfindungen auf, die heute genau so wie vor 200 Jahren jeden mitreißt. Dieses Heft beinhaltet eine besonders schöne Auswahl der leichtesten Chopin-Stücke. Dazu gehören: 5 Präludien, 5 Mazurken, 3 Walzer, 1 Nocturne und 5 Einzelstücke. Sehr schön gedruckt und für einen Preis, wo sich Kopieren nicht lohnt.

Introduction by Alan Jones:

It hardly seems appropriate to include an album of Chopin (1810-1849) in a series of 'Easier Piano Pieces', since none of bis works can be considered easy to play, either technically or interpretatively; but no collection of music for the piano would be complete without some sort of introduction to one of the greatest composers for this Instrument. The pieces in this selection - five Preludes, five Mazurkas, three Waltzes, one Nocturne and five miscellaneous items - have been chosen for their comparative lack of technical difficulty in the hope that a study of these works, even if they cannot be completely mastered, may lead to an appreciation of Chopin's lyrical genius.

One of the fundamental problems in preparing works of Chopin for publication is that of establishing authentic texts. Apart from the fact that Chopin was not always consistent in what he wrote, one has to take into account, in some cases, varying autographs and, in others, differing early editions. Further, not only did he make revisions to his manuscripts and printed editions, but he also discussed possible amendments with friends and pupils. In consequence, with the popularity of his work after his death, a multiplicity of editions (Mikuli, Klindworth, Schultz etc.) appeared, each vying with the others in presenting 'improved' texts. In this album it has not been thought necessary to consider all the different readings in detail, but some of the more significant points are mentioned in footnotes: in particular, in the Waltz in A flat, where our source is the edition published posthumously by Chopin's friend from childhood days, Julius Fontana, which differs in many respects from the autograph.
    Editorial interpolations for which there is no authority are shown within square brackets for dynamics, tempi, pedalling, marks of articulation etc. and by a vertical stroke through a slur or phrase in marks of expression. A metronome mark, appearing at the beginning of a piece, has been taken from the original edition; whereas a metronome mark at the end of a piece is only an editorial Suggestion and in no way authoritative.
    All the trills in the pieces in this album should begin and end on the principal note. Small notes should be played on the beat and not before it.


Prelude in B minor, Op.28 No.6
Mazurka in A minor, No.2
Prelude in A, Op.28 No.7
Prelude in C minor, Op.28 No.20
Waltz in A minor,
Mazurka in A flat, Op.24 No.3
Funeral March, No.2
Mazurka in G minor, No.2
Prelude in E minor, Op.28 No.4
Waltz in A minor, Op.34 No.2
Mazurka in C, Op.33 No.3
Nocturne in G minor, Op.15 No.3
Ecossaise in G, No.3/2
Prelude in D flat, Op.28 No.15
Mazurka in G sharp minor, Op.33 No.1
Album Leaf,
Waltz in A flat, No.1

Verlag: ABRSM Publishing
ISBN-10: 1-85472-304-9, ABRSM 3048
ISBN-13: 978-1-85472-304-8

Schwierigkeit:  M1-M3             40 Seiten

Schwierigkeit Solo: Mittelstufe 1 (M1), Mittelstufe 2 (M2), Mittelstufe 3 (M3)
Seiten: 40
Produktgruppen: 1700-1900
Komponist: Chopin Frédéric
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